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Here's How Up Next Article Harness the Power of Mozilla Thunderbird to Access AOL Mail Up Next Article Log SMTP Traffic to Fix Windows Mail or Outlook Sending Problems Up Next Sample output... Sample output... Thunderbird Logo Thus changing to the right directory and then launching Thunderbird directly allows traceing the logs as described above /opt/thunderbird/thunderbird & Tweet Follow me Allgemein, Linux.

However, investigating secure authentication requires additional tools. How can I get more detailed information about why it is having trouble connecting? The solution is that you need to start thunderbird from its installation directory and not by its shortcut in /usr/bin. this contact form Thank you for this, I stumbled on it and tried (...) S.

After you have recreated the steps that causes the error your experiencing press CTRL-C in the gdb shell and type thread apply all bt. Turn Logging Off in Mozilla ThunderbirdTraffic logging is enabled only for the session you start from the command line. For example, if you enabled IMAP logging and the connection to the AIM mail server was still open you would see something roughly like: 0[34988]: clearing IMAP_CONNECTION_IS_OPEN If the log Turning on transaction logging may not be straight forward an affair, but it is not difficult either.Log POP, IMAP and SMTP Traffic in Mozilla ThunderbirdTo create a log file with all

The script may need to be tweaked to suit your needs. Quit Thunderbird and start it again. Use "5" unless requested otherwise. The resulting log contains information similar to a proxy log, but it might be presented in a much more complex way, depending on the sniffer and on how you configure it.

You do not see Thunderbird's connection states. I am able to send a message to NSPR logging Web Site Quality Assurance Testing using Mozilla describes NSPR JavaScript, Cookie and HTTP logging in release builds. The above will create a date/time stamped logfile for each run, so you won't lose the previous logs.

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