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But if you ... 11 months ago All in a Day The One with the Conflict (updated in memory of Sam Yates) - (Originally posted on 15th January 2013) I stood

When I thought of that subtracting from 10, I kept telling myself that isn't it. Anyways I wanted to see if this is always the case, and if I could prove it. You can only upload videos smaller than 600MB. Number Transposition Dyslexia View my complete profile A selection of links The Faraday Institute The Veritas Forum Open Democracy Mathworld from Wolfram Astronomy Picture of the Day Gifford Lectures Early Christian Writings (1) Early

Check out how this page has evolved in the past. Digits x y and z form the number 100x + 10y + z Reversed will be x + 10y + 100z Subtracting gives 100x - x + 10y - 10y + The transposition could also have been a 1 and a 6 or a 2 and a 7.That is it. this content The blog has moved! - Just a reminder that this blog has moved!

Book Review: The Logic of Scientific Discovery by Karl Popper Book Review: Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell Most popular (all time) Book Review: The Didache: A window on the earliest Christians We know $10 \equiv 1 mod 9$ This implies that $10^k \equiv 1^k \equiv 1 \mod 9$ And by definition, then $9|10^k-1$. Science & Mathematics Mathematics Next Why is 9 the magic number for finding transposition errors? I am here this morning discovering replies to several of my posts.

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